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Membership Code of Conduct

Violation of these codes of conduct will result in a temporary or permanent suspension of membership services.

  • NO RESELLING - We provide medicinal cannabis for you only. Any reselling of your cannabis products is strictly forbidden. If you are caught reselling any products purchased from Cloud420.ca you will be permanently banned.
  • BE POLITE - Always treat other members of our 420 blog with respect.
  • KEEP CONFIDENTIALITY - As a member you may learn sensitive information about other members, staff, volunteers and Cloud420.ca. This information is private and must remain private out of respect. Breach of confidentiality may result in termination of membership and/or claims for damages against you by third parties and/or Cloud420.ca
  • BE RESPONSIBLE - Please use your medicine in a respectful and responsible way. Keep it out of the reach of children under the age of 19 at all times. Do not smoke near open doorways. Do not drive or operate machinery if you are impaired.
  • KEEP US INFORMED - Please let us know about any quality issues you have with our products. We will use this information to better our quality and services.
  • IMPAIRMENT - Cannabis may potentially cause a temporary decrease in coordination and cognitive abilities, as well as short-term memory loss while medicated. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery if impaired by cannabis products. Be especially careful of impairment when eating cannabis products or using extracts. Do not eat cannabis products before swimming or driving.
  • ALCOHOL - Cannabis mixed with alcohol is more intoxicating than either substance alone. DO NOT DRIVE IF YOU COMBINE THE TWO. Combining the two may also cause vomiting and nausea. We recommend limiting or stopping your intake of alcohol when using cannabis products.
  • IRRITATION - Heavy smoking with no harm reduction techniques, such as vaporizing, may lead to respiratory irritation.
  • BLOOD PRESSURE - Initial increase in heart rate and/or blood pressure may be problematic for those with heart conditions or severe anxiety. Those receiving digitalis or other cardiac medications should use cannabis under careful supervision by a medical doctor.
  • WITHDRAWL - There are no significant withdrawal effects when cannabis use is ceased or decreased; however, minor restlessness, nausea, and fatigue may be experienced. The symptoms may last a week or so. Please note that the symptom relief cannabis provides, will also cease or be decreased.
  • THE LAW - Know your rights and take precautions to avoid the harmful effects of arrest, cannabis seizure, imprisonment, and criminal record. I accept that Cloud420.ca makes no guarantees or medical claims, and I hereby agree for myself, my heirs and executors, to waive any claims against Cloud420.ca and/or Cloud420nine.ca, Cloud420nine.com, Cloud420nine.club, Smoke420now.ca, Smoke420now.com and their employees or volunteers.