Ayahuasca Purple

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Ayahuasca Purple will alleviate any physical pains you are having while freeing your mind up for enjoyment. FREE SAME-DAY LOCAL DELIVERY WITH A $25.00 MINIMUM ORDER – CALL US AT 1-888-266-6918 FOR YOUR PERSONAL COUPON CODE!

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Ayahuasca Purple is often described as “the perfect strain” for those looking for an intense but relaxing Indica high. This strain is best consumed in the afternoon or the evening, as its physical effects are quite intense and likely to leave you couch-locked. Ayahuasca Purple buds are oversized, spade-shaped nuggets of dense, fibrous material. The flavour is quite sweet, however, as it will wash over your palate with flavours of lavender, tropical mangoes, and nuts.

“Keep out of reach of children, do not operate heavy machinery, and do not drive while under the influence”.

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