Blue Cheese

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Blue Cheese is great for treating; muscle spasms, dysphoria, anxiety, panic, insomnia, everyday stress, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and ADHD. FREE SAME-DAY LOCAL DELIVERY WITH A $30.00 MINIMUM ORDER – CALL US AT 1-888-266-6918 FOR YOUR PERSONAL COUPON CODE!

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Blue Cheese is a cross between parent plants UK Cheese, and Blueberry, the result was a hearty strain packed full of THC – as well as that traditional cheesy aroma. Unofficially, Blue Cheese marijuana is classified as a Hybrid indica. Probably the number one most defining factor of Blue Cheese cannabis is its intriguing aroma and flavour, which is oddly reminiscent of, you guessed it… actual cheese. In fact, the aftertaste produces a slight sourness much like that of Parmesan or Gouda. Blue Cheese brings about another palatable twist, however, as it features notes of blueberry fruitiness that seem to become especially apparent when inhaled.

“Keep out of reach of children, do not operate heavy machinery, and do not drive while under the influence”.

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